Hanne Lorre

Meet Hanne Lorre…

She moves through her daily life, communing with an unseen spirit world. Through word of mouth (and invitation only), people travel to this place and this woman. They come to be renewed, unblocked, fixed. Some say she is a witch. Some say she is a healer. She says, “I’m just Hanne Lorre.” Watch. You decide.

Cruising Kitchens

They call themselves, Cruising Kitchens.

In a Texas warehouse, grease, grit, design and determination live and thrive in a family business that is built and sustained by BIG ideas. The players who make it happen are a tight-knit group, family and close friends working together with a common endgame: roll out the best damn food trucks on wheels and have some fun in the process! They are crushing it!

DIY Diva

Kit is currently renovating a 150-year old farmhouse.

Surrounded by six pristine acres, she shares her farm with two donkeys, a gaggle of foul, honeybees and one cat. Her creaky 3,000 sq ft farmhouse is her latest ‘forever’ project… of which there are plenty. The catch… she’s building this farm and renovating the old farmhouse on her own. One woman. One farm. Kit, is the real deal.


The FlipSisters are Aubrey and Julie, specifically, their extended family collectively.

Aubrey, a flourishing real estate agent, has been flipping homes for the past five years. Julie, her younger sibling, worked in mortgage lending and is now a fulltime flipper. The backdrop is the quaint PA town, an area that is in the midst of a gentrification boom. This family is always one the go – tight knit and remarkably energetic – from buying, to demo, through renovation and resale – their journey may be non-stop… but in the end, it’s all relative.


The challenge: create a image piece for a toaster oven on steroids.

The result: this spot. No VO, no models, no sales pitch, just all toaster doing what it does… and it’s gorgeous stainless steel body, of course. Yeah, we’re bringing crusty back.



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