Erick Jimenez, Assistant Editor

Some people just have that good juju when it comes gadgets. In our shop, that would be Erick. He’s the gadget whisperer. He’s also our E2 extraordinaire. And though he is fairly new to the post-production realm, he is no stranger to the digital world; in fact he loves that stuff. Yeah, he’s that guy on line waiting to be one of the very first with a new I-toy. (Don’t judge.) He is also an unabashed devotee of the Washington Redskins. And (fair warning) if you get a game of trivia going, you want him on your team. If it happened in the 80’s it’s logged somewhere in that brain of his – which happens to be under a really great head of hair. People like Erick. They like his infectious positive vibe, his resiliency under production pressure and (of course) they like his hair. Erick revels in films and music and a nice bag of sour patch gummy bears with a red bull chaser.

Joyce Pearson, Executive Producer/Owner

Joyce loves beating a hard deadline – and the more balls in the air, the better.  When things are at the most chaotic, she is at the most ease.  Perhaps it’s her news refugee status or the fact that she really enjoys what she does – running a production company and managing the best team ever.  Prior to generating the Fog (and persuading everyone to step up to the Edge), she served as show runner and series producer for cable nets and syndication. Joyce was once a magician’s assistant where she was impaled with ‘magical’ swords on a daily basis.  She says TV is definitely a better gig.  Joyce started at NBC Network News and moved on to wildlife and children’s programming before arriving at lifestyle and reality.  A native New Yorker, she’s glad her hometown of Brooklyn has finally achieved cool status, yo.

Roberto Jimenez, Creative Director/Partner

As Creative Director, Roberto brings a vibe that is known to us here at Fog Edge as "Roberto robusto."  He is quite sure everyone has a super power of some sort – maybe this is why he won’t lose his ponytail? Roberto must think in pictures, because he is absolutely fluid in the language of editing.  And while ‘brilliant’ might sound a bit hyperbolic here, it’s not when talking about his work.  Creative to the core, Roberto can see about three cuts ahead of everyone else.  With editing and directing skills honed in LA and DC, he has worked in the big three:  film, music and television. Fast on the basketball court, he will be the first to tell you he’s the tallest Peruvian he knows who can make a decent lay-up. For Roberto, an eternal optimist, the light is always green.  Go!

Jean Connelly, Post Producer

Jean Connelly is a total people person, but she finds professional nirvana sitting alone with her laptop, toggling between video files and a script. Don’t get her wrong, she absolutely loves conceptualizing projects, interviewing people and tweaking cuts to perfection… but for Jean, nothing is more satisfying than finding magical moments within raw video and stitching them together with just the right words. Jean has worked as a newscast writer and producer in Washington, DC, and as a Series Producer for several successful shows on HGTV. She specializes in writing and in developing video projects from the ground up. Outside of the work, you can find Jean cheering for her children at swim meets and baseball games, digging in the yard with her husband, and daydreaming about her next vacation.




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