Founded by Emmy award winning show runner and veteran news producer, Joyce Pearson, Fog Edge Media is a boutique entertainment company that specializes in creating lifestyle and reality programming for cable networks. 

The goal at Fog Edge Media is to create a production group that is vibrant, relevant, and ready for the challenges ahead. As Creative Director, partner Roberto Jimenez contributes to the look, quality, and enhancement of all production generated at Fog Edge Media.  “The value in experience is knowing the strengths you have, and I’m confident in what I bring to this company in the effort to move it forward.” 

With its banner series, DIY’s I Want That, Fog Edge Media is already making its mark in an increasingly competitive television programming market.  I Want That is one of the highest rated series on DIY.  The company has also produced for Scripps Interactive and HGTV. 

Running television shows for the past decade prepared Pearson in pulling together a core team that would not only complement but also enrich the production environment.  “Everyone here has their expertise, their strong suit and when they bring it, in a collaborative spirit, we feel truly unstoppable.”  As for Pearson, she is well versed in the product, lifestyle and home improvement genre, but she is equally strong in reality-based production. “My news days helped me hone the reality-gathering part of the story.  And who doesn’t love a good story?  You just need to know how to find it and how to present it so people want to hear it.”

The Fog Edge Media team, with its diverse background in graphic arts, film, music and television — enables this production company to provide a holistic approach to programming and media services for its clients.  Located in the GranDesign Building in Silver Spring, Maryland, visitors and extended team members all say the same thing about the space – "it has a great vibe."

They invite you to feel it for yourself.

“When the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at the chance to launch a company and create an environment where people are encouraged to be edgy in a collaborative way and do it in a casual, idea-provoking atmosphere.”
– Joyce Pearson, Chief Executive Officer, Fog Edge Media

“We want people to be at their very best and they can be when they have the space to be authentic.  That’s what we encourage from our team. We really like what we do and we’re ready and excited for what’s next.”
- Roberto Jimenez, Creative Director, Fog Edge Media




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